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4 Things A Service Based Business Must Get Right

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Good Morning business besties!

Y'all know I am ALL about being a business owner and one thing I have ran into lately is a lot of other small, service-based businesses that either have or don't have some KEY things needed in a service-based business.

So whether you are a nail tech, mechanic, or social media specialist like myself, here are some things you MUST get right as a service-based business owner.


A service that TRULY hits the "need answered" spot

When you are starting a service based business, you want to make sure you are offering a service people are LOOKING for. There is no point in offering a service if there is no demand for it. You can be as passionate about it as you want to be, but if there is no market for it... the business will be a failure. So make sure you have done your research and the service you offer is a service people need.

GREAT Customer service

This is probably one of my favorite ones because a LOT of small AND big businesses miss the mark on this one. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS KEY. That is how you build your brand using word of mouth, increase audience trust, and have repeat customers and clients. Why would someone keep coming back to you if you aren't treating them with the upmost respect and courtesy? As a service-based business I KNOW it can be hard to deal with people who disrespect your craft, but TRUST me when I say... being professional and respectful is the best way to maintain a positive reputation.

Offer the best service possible in your field

BE. THE. MF. BEST. This means giving it your all. Which brings me to today's sponsor.. the BEST in their field, MBT of ATLANTA Mercedes Master Techs. They actually hit ALL the above (and bottom) buttons. They are known for being the BEST at repairing windshields with QUALITY glass. Their service is something a lot of us NEED because our cars are important and have to be taken care of, especially windshields which is what we are looking out of. Mercedes Windshield Repair in Atlanta Georgia also has GREAT customer service. I've called LOTS of similar services and often met with the "are you going to buy or not" attitude... which I find gross and distasteful considering I only ever ask like two major questions, but when calling this company, they answered all my questions and with a positive attitude! If you're in Atlanta with a windshield that needs fixing, you'd want the best right?


I have the biggest issue with small businesses when it comes to professionalism. This is very similar to great customer service but needed it's own section. I love supporting small businesses, but when mistakes are made I expect a complete sincere apology and a correction of the mistake. Not excuses or attitudes. I don't accept that behavior at big businesses like McDonald's (yes, I am a corporate calling person) so I CERTAINLY won't accept it from a small business either. If you are running a business, your size is no excuse for your attitude and professionalism. If you aren't being professional with each of your clients, your pockets will suffer.

What are some must-have's for service based businesses that I didn't mention? Comment down below!