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4 Reasons NOT To Be An Influencer

Being an influencer has become and extremely popular thing for millenials and younger. Everybody I know is practically trying to become one and grow their social media. It has become a big traffic for my business, in fact. I know that as an influencer myself this title must confuse you, but I am a strong believer that being an influencer isn’t for everybody and so just in case you’re thinking of becoming one, here are some reasons to keep in perspective as to why… maybe you shouldn’t..

Reasons NOT To Be An Influencer

  1. You think it’s easy money. Let me just correct you now. It’s not. It may seem easy because you post pictures online and get money for it but it is a lot more than that. You are basically a marketing tool for brands and companies. Which means you have to know how to naturally sell a product without sounding salesy, take aesthetic photos that will bring attention and CONVERT to attention for the brand you’re working with, and build your own personal brand enough to get companies attention in the first place. It is RESPONSIBILITY my guy/girl. And it can be exhausting. 

  1. You just want free things. Being an influencer is not just getting free stuff and posting about it. You need to make sure these products fit you, your personality, the message you wanna send out. There is a strategy to it all. Not to mention, if you are only in it for that reason, you will get burnt out QUICK and not ever want t continue with it. Plus, it’s not free because you have to put in work once you receive whatever it is.

  2. You don’t LOVE social media. Or at least like it. Social media can be draining. Even for me. Spending all of that time online can be a lot. I believe that who you follow makes the biggest impact on how social media makes you feel. If anybody’s account makes you mad or feel negative… UNFOLLOW. Anyway, that’s neither here or there. Regardless, if you don’t like social media  a lot, you are going to eventually HATE being an influencer. It will start to feel like another job that you complain about and who wants that?                                         

  1. You’re not willing to invest in yourself. Being an influencer is basically a business. You are your business. You have to appeal to the right brands. For some, that means taking courses. For some, that means hiring a social media manager (like myself) to keep you active, accountable, and growing on social media. You won’t be an influencer getting brand deals over night. It takes time. It takes effort. And you have to be willing to put in that time and effort to get where you’re trying to go.

So, tell me. Are you still convinced that being an influencer is for you? THEN COME ON DOWN. I am not at all trying to crush anyone’s dreams, but people who go into this thing blind end up wasting their time because they realized that being an influencer is not exactly what it seems. It is a job and it does take work. You sometimes have to be your own photographer or have someone (like ya significant other) take your pictures. You sometimes have to get certain posts out by a deadline despite the fact that life can be busy and hectic. It isn’t a walk in the park, but for those of us who is made for this… it can be the best decision you have ever made in your life.

Can you think of some things that people don’t consider when it comes to being an influencer? Comment down below!!

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