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3 Ways to Self Soothe This Winter as a Form of Self Care

Self-soothing this holiday season for self-care

We may know of self-soothing for kids or babies but more often than not, self-soothing for adults can be extremely effective. Whether you have high levels of stress or this time of year is a trigger for you, self-soothing will be your ticket to a calming year-end. Self-soothing helps you control your level of anxiety and help you feel more in charge of your emotions.

There are many ways to self-soothe but my top three are as follows:

1). Be in charge of your breath by using techniques:

Using our breath we are able to calm down and take charge of our body. My favorite is the 4-7-8 breathing technique, breathe in for four seconds, hold for seven seconds and release for eight seconds. This helps your parasympathetic nervous system regulate in turn calming your body. There are quite a few techniques to use so choose one that you feel resonates with you.

2). Place your hand over your heart:

Similar to what moms do for their babies by patting them, you can place your hand over your heart to self-soothe. The heart is in your mid-chest area and when you touch it you feel a sense of calm and relief. This sends unconditional love to oneself as well as those lovely endorphins “the happy hormones” around your body.

3). Soothe your senses:

Light up your favorite candles, wear your most comfy tracksuits and have some warm hot chocolate. The ultimate self-soothing is when you provide stimulation for all your senses that brings about the most comfort. Engaging your senses makes you feel more grounded

and more in touch with yourself in turn washing those stressors away.

I wish you a great holiday and festive season and hope these tips will soothe your stress away.

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