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3 Tips For Being In Hot Weather

Summer came in swinging this year, with some reports saying this might be the hottest summer on record.  Despite that terrible heat, people still need to keep cool and enjoy the sunshine while it’s out!  It’s not always as easy as standing in the shade- here are three tips for being in hot weather without feeling the burn!

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Tanning has been in style for the last thirty years- yet it isn't good for our skin and body temperature.  You don't have to stay out of the sun altogether.  Use sunscreen to protect yourself if the sunlight is unavoidable- otherwise, stand in the shade and enjoy indirect sunlight.  The temperatures can feel like they drop ten to fifteen degrees by standing in a shaded area.  This step will let you have fun outside for longer times without fear of getting sick.

Hydrate With Water

Summer drinks call margaritas and lemonade to mind, but they might not be the best way to quench your thirst.  Drink water whenever you're thirsty.  It's good for your body and mind and can help cool you down.  You can still enjoy juices, alcohol, and soda- do it in moderation.  Your body will need water to combat the high temperature of summer weather.  

Plan by bringing a water bottle if you're going somewhere that you're not sure will have water.  You can refill it anywhere, whether you need to stop at a gas station near the beach- or fill it up in the sink of a potential house you want to buy while looking at Phoenix real estate.  It might seem a little embarrassing or awkward at first to have to refill instead of buying bottled drinks or alcohol- but keep your health in mind.

Check-in With Yourself

Although it may sound vague, this step is the most important of all.  Take time to check in with your body and mind, and see how you're feeling.  Pay attention to these three things-

How your mind feels.  Are you sober, but having trouble focusing?  Do you feel dizzy?  If so, you could already be suffering from a heat stroke.

How are you sweating?  Everyone sweats different amounts.  Pay attention to your body; if you suddenly start sweating far more, or less, than usual- it could be a symptom.

How does your body feel?  Are you nauseous?  Do your muscles ache despite not working out much- or is your heart beating hard and fast?  These could spell trouble for your health.

If you ignore these three symptoms, you could be setting yourself up for heatstroke.  Listen to your body, and get out of the heat if the going gets tough.  Nobody wants to have to overheat, and there's no amount of fun in the sun that could make a heat stroke worth it.

High temperatures can be dangerous, and without planning, you may be putting yourself at risk.  By avoiding direct sunlight, hydrating, and periodically checking in with yourself, you can enjoy your summer without fear of getting sick from the heat.

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