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24 Things I Learned in 24 Years

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! You guys just don’t know how much I am so excited that it is my birthday… okay, this is a lie. It is actually August 13th and I am not at all excited. HOWEVER, I wanted to share this blog post in honor of the day of 24 Things I have Learned in 24 Years. I have seen this done in both blog posts and YouTube videos and I want to join in!!!

So here is what I have learned in the past 24 years of my life.

24 Things I’ve Learned in 24 Years

  1. Loving someone genuinely doesn’t guarantee it’ll be returned.

  2. Your environment impacts you GREATLY.

  3. The more you smile, the more you feel like smiling.

  4. Sometimes in your business you’ll have to be very stern.

  5. YouTube is WORK.

  6. Being a social media influencer is WORK. 

  7. Not everyone is meant to stay in your life.

  8. It doesn’t matter how nice or how good of a person you are, SOMEONE isn’t going to like you.

  9. Being a classy woman is no longer popular. (Frankly, I think this trashy trend is so not cute, but eh)

  10. I really do like working.

  11. There are people who can really tell the most sincere lies.

  12. It’s okay to cry.

  13. You don’t have to spend time with people who hurt just because they are related to you!

  14. Networking is important!

  15. It’s okay to market yourself.

  16. Confidence is truly key.

  17. Some people will never stop associating you with your worst mistake.

  18. I still have a lot to learn.

  19. Never judge someone based off of what you hear.

  20. Patience is a TRUE virtue.

  21. Friends can break your heart too and a it can hurt a lot worse.

  22. Never depend on another human to get your goals accomplished.

  23. Being yourself is better than any other growth tactic.

  24. God is GOOD. 

I have learned a LOT in my lifetime, but as I said I still have so much more to learn. I won’t lie, this was an easy blog post to do. I almost didn’t upload anything at all, but I decided I wanted to share some lessons from my life. Are you following me on instagram (cherishingflo_)? If you are, feel free to come wish me a happy birthday there or in the comment section down below!!

What are some lessons you’ve learned in life? Comment down below!

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