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2021 Blogging Goals

So, if you saw last week's post then you know that I am trying to be a better blogger out here in these streets.

Part of that includes setting and putting work towards achieving specific goals.

So, in order to do that I will be letting your guys know so that transparency can be a thing and you guys can help keep me accountable. Ready?

My 2021 Blogging Goals

Actually blog again

I slacked in blogging so heavily in 2020 and the past few months especially. So, I am going to work towards blogging once a week. I know I can keep to that schedule. So I will be posting a blog post every single Thursday morning.

Up level in quality

I know that I said in last week's post that I didn't want to put so much time into adding graphics, but I do want to work on formatting and making this blog as pleasing to the eye as possible to people who actually like to read and not just look at pretty pictures. Ya know? In time, very soon I hope, I will find someone who can add the images and things for me, but for now... I gotta stay true to me.. and I am not for all the pictures!

Get back to the money

Blogging was the first way I ever made money online using sponsored posts and affiliate marketing. I looooved it and it was really exciting. But once I got focused on my YouTube Channel and my business (social media management & coaching), then I kind of lost all my drive to make blogging income.. but we bout to get back to this blogging money in 2021!


The one way I never focused on my blog was using SEO. I still got great traffic and support BUT I want to focus more on SEO this year... I hate SEO and I don't really understand it... I may even hire that out too lmao but we shall see.

Promote my blog

I haven't been promoting my blog either so I am going to be very careful and sure to schedule content for my blog posts and promote. I don't know why I haven't lately, but we changing the game this year! This blog will be right back into the forefront. I even backed up on how often I will be posting on my channel (every week on Fridays) so that I can focus more attention to this.

Grow my email list

The power of the email list is DEEP. I be sleeping on it out of pure laziness but that'll definitely be a goal this year.

Stay Aligned with me

I want to make sure that I don't lose myself again. So I only wanna write what I care about and create content for you guys that I genuinely enjoy.

Blogger or now... share some of your 2021 goals with me in the comments!

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