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12 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. This means if you choose to purchase something from this blog post I will get a commission. Everything I suggest though I stand behind (That is why not every gift idea has a link). So, it would help me finance this blog, but I promise it's good quality stuff!... ok back to regularly scheduled programming.

Wanna know what to get your boo thing? Well, keep reading!

Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

1. Nike Gift Card (or whatever brand they love)

2. Hydroflask Water Bottle

3. 3-in-1 Charging Stand

4. Their fave movie/TV series on DVD

I recently bought my boyfriend his fave movie and ... he works my nerves watching it.. but he loved it.

5. Fave jersey

I have bought a Dwayne Wade Jersey and a Kobe jersey... they aren't cheap, but your boyfriend will definitely be grateful and reward you later *wink wink*

6. A class subscription

What is he interested in? Fitness? Cooking? Pay for a class for him to broaden his skills!

7. An apple watch

8. A nice sweater

9. Cologne (one for you as well lol)

10. Lingerie (wink, wink)

11. A staycation or vacation (you plan and pay for it all and they only have to show up

12. Television (if they need/want one)