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10 Questions You Should Ask Before Getting Married

Are you thinking about popping the question? Are you engaged to be married? Are you wondering whether or not you and your significant other are ready for that step? Then this is the right place to come.

Here are some question you should ask yourself and discuss with your partner before making that move.


Do I want to be married?

No point in even going any further if marriage is not something you want to do at all. If you don't want to be a wife/husband or be committed on that level or WHATEVER then you don't need to get married. Simple, right? Well you'd be surprised how many people get married just because they figured they were supposed to but didn't ever want to.

Do they?

Another big mistake people make is marrying someone who doesn't want to be married. At the end of the day, this will lead to a heartbreak.

How do we get along with each others families?

Once you marry someone, you marry their family. Remember that.

How do you handle disagreements?

Are you the kind of couple who blocks each other on social media when mad? Do you do petty things to hurt each other? Do you yell and hit below the belt? This is important because choosing to share your life with someone pretty much guarantees disagreements. You have to find a way to mesh your worlds into one. So it's important that you are careful to have healthy arguments (yes arguing can be healthy).

How would we handle infidelity?

Should there be any cheating? NO. But, it's important to recognize what would be a deal breaker for you in your marriage. It's not a deal breaker for some and so you have to be willing to communicate these boundaries with your partner.

What is BOTH of your ideas of marital roles?

Will someone be expected to be a stay-at-home spouse? Will someone be expected to cook or clean? What does husband or wife mean to each of you? It's important to know what your partner expects from you before getting married.

How will you handle finances?

This is a BIGGIE. Most marriages end due to finances. You need to decide who is the responsible saver. Who pays the bigger parts of the bills or will things be split 50/50? Will there be separate bank accounts? Be CLEAR.

Career possibilities and future issues?

Does one of your careers cause moving? Will you be able to accommodate each other's hours?

Where do you want to live?

This is for now and for future. You should discuss where you would like to settle down so you aren't arguing about it right after the honeymoon.

Views on kids?

Do you guys want kids? How many? Disciplinary views? You should consider everything you both think about kids and decide where you can compromise IF compromise is available.

These are the important questions you should be thinking hard on before deciding whether or not the person you're with should be someone you marry right now.

Comment below some questions you think are important to ask.

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