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Social Media Services

Discover Our Expertise

Social Media Services

Premium ($375/mo + Price of ads)

  • Scheduling posts (5x per week or less)

  • Ads

  • Engagement (1 Hour on posting days, 30 minutes on non-posting days)

  • Caption creation

Testimonials Do the Talking

"I have been working with Rikki Parker (CherishingFlo) since last October. She caught my attention on Twitter with her great energy. Then I quickly noticed that her tweets had a lot of engagement – several retweets, comments, and likes. I then went to her profile to discover that she offered help for social media. I DM’ed her and she responded swiftly. Right away I knew I wanted to work with her because of her sweet and professional electronic communication. After about a month, I hired her as my social media consultant for Instagram and my following grew 100+ in the first two months and my engagement doubled.

I highly recommend hiring Rikki to help you with your social media because she knows what she is doing. She understands the back end of every social media platform and is super knowledgeable. She is professional, kind, readily available and she also explains everything so concisely. In addition, she  sends monthly reports on how your social media is doing and checks in every week. 
I plan to continue with Rikki’s services for months to come.” 


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