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Who I Am

Rikki Parker

Owner & Founder

My name is Rikki and I started the Cherishingflo brand in 2016. I am a freelancer, blogger, and YouTuber. I am a strong believer in accomplishing my goals and pursuing my dreams, which is what pushed me to help other people utilize social media to build their own empire while I continuously work on building my own.

Where the Passion Begins

What I Do

At CherishingFlo, I understand that social media is not always easy. I also understand that staying encouraged is not easy.  I’ve been helping businesses build up and manage their online brand in order to stay competitive. I write a blog to help inspire as well as give tips and insight into me and what it's like growing a business from scratch. My experience with my own brand has taught me to always make your business success our priority.


I use my platform to inspire others and work with brands that fit what I do as well!

I'm ready to help you develop strategies for not only surviving, but thriving in the future of social media. Click the button below to set up your first consultation.

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