My biggest goal is to inspire as many young women as possible to live out their dreams. I’m all about productivity, business ownership, & everything involving living out your wildest dreams! Join the CherishingFloFam & follow my journey.




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Hey there, I'm Flo!

I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur. I have a blog, YouTube channel, and social media business but really my main aspiration is to spend every single day doing the things I love while inspiring as many people as I can to do the same. 

I am an advocate of mental health for entrepreneurs and business owners. I also am a simple lover of life. I love to laugh and smile and share that joy with others. Welcome and I hope that we can grow together into achieving our wildest dreams! 

If you are looking for help growing your business using social media, learning how to manage time and be a productive boss, or simply gain encouragement or positive energy ... you’ve come to the right place. 

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March's Highlights

Welcome back to another month and another highlights post! March was not the best month as far as achieving some of my bigger goals, but...

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